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  • Ghostwriting / Co-Writing Non-Fiction
  • Fiction Book Co-Writing / Ghostwriting
  • Children’s Book Co-Writing / Ghostwriting
  • Editing and Enhancement of Manuscript
  • Web Content Copywriting
  • Article Writing, Blog Writing
  • Content development for Marketing
  • Email Newsletter Content Writing
  • Screenplay Writing, Film Scripting
  • Cartoon Series Script Writing
  • Comic Book Script Writing
  • Short Ad-Script Writing for Radio or TV
  • Script Writing for Television Series

Non-fiction Ghostwriter hire  |  Ghostwriter for Self-Help Book | Business Book Ghostwriter |  eBook Ghostwriter  |

Looking for a Ghostwriter or Co-writer for your Non-Fiction book?

Or, more specifically, are you looking for a Business Book Ghostwriter?

Yes, you are at the right place. There are yet authors who might hesitate at the idea. From GetBestWriters, the assurance is that our ghostwriter is simply someone who is helping you to put your thoughts down. The end result? So that you can publish your manuscript as a world class book within a minimum time, at minimum cost to either yourself or your reader. Better still, your e-book can be published in the traditional manner (paper printed) with copyright registration and readership reviews.

The most usual reason for any author to opt for Ghostwriting or ‘ghosting’ is:

  • Either your business has outgrown the time you have, Or else,
  • You have such an exciting story to tell, your thoughts run on so fast but you don’t enjoy writing it down yourself.

Either way, you as an author are in reliable company with GetBestWriters. Take the ancient Greek or Indian epics. In India, there is the Ramayana and Mahabarata originally of  oral tradition. Someone, or a team, had to begin putting pen to paper. The dictation of Mahabharata is ascribed to the sage Vyāsa. What of the Shakespearean dramas? Was the author Shakespeare or Marlowe or Edward de Vere? If someone wrote for Shakespeare, the world is richer for their effort. In the same way, others will be happy to read your stories written in partnership with our ghostwriters.

In fact, our Ghostwriter for Self-Help Books service is so sought after that some of our clients prefer waiting for a few days (sometimes weeks) to start their book writing project with us!

Get in touch with us to have a discussion.

@ US$ 14.00 per page.

Check out a few samples:

Hire a Ghostwriter | Fiction Book Ghostwriter | Novel Ghostwriter |

Hire a Ghostwriter or Co-writer for writing a Fiction Book

“How do two people write a novel together?”

In reply, we ask: “How do people write novels alone?”

Seriously, how does an author find the time and energy to write on their own? If you agree, co-authoring or roping in expert Ghostwriting services is the perfect option for an author of fiction. This brings so many advantages, we might run out of space here talking about them.

First, we understand your need and assign the most appropriately-talented Ghostwriter from our vast list, or a gifted co-author who shares your vision. In short, we find the right writer for the author and his story. For us, it is the love of a good story with a strong plotline. The idea is that together, both of you will complement your fiction writing journey, and complete the work in much less time and achieve much better quality than you earlier thought possible!


@ US$ 16.00 per page.

Children’s Book Writer | Children’s Novel Ghostwriter |

Ghostwriting or Co-Writing Books for Children

Our writers refer to time-tested rules of what makes a reliable plot for kids. First, the good guys always win. We provide the right guidance for writing for children of different age groups. It could be stories for younger children (ages 2–8), for those a little older or even for young adults. The rules apply, right upto adulthood, when real life gets tougher.

We can provide a clue from our ghostwriter training. An author will never talk down to children as if they’re lesser adults. Find out more. Get in touch with us.


@ US$ 16.00 per page.

Editing | Enhancement | Enhance The Story |

Editing and Enhancement of your manuscript

Written something and now want to get it edited by an expert? Or maybe enhance it further to add punch/appeal to the language? Or maybe shuffle, restructure or add twists to the existing story? Hire us for the job!

Our writers and co-authors know a thing or two. They know that the reader wants a story that is thrilling. That is a process that editing takes care of. It involves rethinking and overall structure, focus and support. Such correction also involves basic rules as of punctuation and grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Not to mention style and word choice. Why? Because all these considerations enhance the story and get the reader’s attention. This, in turn enhances perceptions of the writer’s authority and credibility. We at know what it takes to achieve this. Talk to us now.

@ US$ 14.00 per page.

Website Content Writer | Keyword Rich Articles |

Web Content Copywriting, Keyword-Rich Article Writing provides relevant content for websites related to keywords and key-phrases. We take into account that every website has a specific target audience and requires different content. We also consider the various needs of the target market. It could be demographics, culture or economy, and education or lifestyle. We speak of keywords because those improve a website’s SEO rank or “search engine optimization”. Ultimately that is the process of getting in more traffic for your site.

Best possible website copy by our copywriters is literally the first port of call for anyone looking, and therefore, crucial for your business. If it’s not to the point there are chances of losing out on sales. Our copy is clean, neat and focused. No room for poor formatting, meaningless sentences and weird text here. That copy is how you and your company are best represented. Count on our shareable blog posts for content marketing and SEO. Your business will respond to the designed Homepage, Launching Page, and Sales Page. Call us for a Quote.

@ US$ 10.00 per page.

Check out a few samples:

Hire article writer | Website Content Writer | Keyword Rich Articles

Writing Articles and Blogs for your Website’s SEO Ranking

Article Writers at help you put together and publish your articles and blogs, for your website promotion. We study a chosen topic carefully and figure out any fresh angle of discussion. The idea is to grab the attention of your target audience.

What we do know is how to cover news reporting, analysis, commentary and opinion. It can be in the form of an essay, features, and interviews. Clients are surprised when they find that the blogs or articles start fetching quality traffic to their website very quickly. How? We research, create an outline and write it all up with skill and finesse.

P.S. We offer whopping discounts on bulk orders and long-term contracts for writing articles and blogs for your website’s SEO Ranking.

Go on. Get in touch with us to find out just how.

@ US$ 10.00 per page.

Check out a few samples:

Corporate Profile Writing | Brochure Content Writing | Writer for Corporate Marketing

Content Development to aid Corporate Marketing

Every business has a profile on social media. Sadly, most are bland rather than breathtaking as we would like yours to be. Luckily our corporate marketing strategists and writers know how to bring out the best.

Take the first step with an official company brochure, the most cost effective manner of marketing communication for a wide clientele. Professionally designed and written brochures are surprisingly effective because they showcase the latest marketing trends. Catalogues list products in an easy-to-find layout on print or the electronic medium. Most of all, a catalogue needs to be user-friendly to be effective.

What about souvenirs and annual reports that organizations come out with, once a year? We intend that those should do your organization proud.

Another bonus is that we see such content through to production and distribution if you wish. Talk to us!

@ US$ 16.00 per page.

Email Newsletter Writing | Content for Internet Marketing | Bulk-Email Content Writing

Internet marketing with Bulk-Email & Newsletter Content

Looking for Return On Investment (ROI) through Internet marketing? Email remains the tool of choice with companies big and small. It is followed by instant messaging and SMS. Our clients have noted that all capabilities require effectively written message content. We know that such content has to be to-the-point and eye-catching. offers just such content depending on the company marketing brief.

Any successful online promotional effort is incomplete without incorporating tools. These are database or bulk email marketing and newsletter services. Their use helps to source more clients and establish connections with existing customers. Here Bulk email and newsletter services do not run only on operational efficiency. Content is king.

We will be waiting for your call.


@ US$ 10.00 per page.

Scriptwriter  |  Screenplay Writing  | Screenplay Writer |

The art & craft of screenplay writing or scripting

If you would like to get on to film and TV scripting, you already know that these are assessed at a fiercely competitive level. Scripts get few chances to impress the producer/director, while self-financed project are risky.

Hiring a professional script consultant such as the team at JIPL Digital Media is essential.

Our scriptwriters give helpful detail about the setting and characters. They use slug lines before every scene, say where the action is taking place, provide tips for camera and film editing, instructions for treatment and detail the manner in which the character’s name appears.

Then, each genre is written in a different format, enhanced by particular script writing software to standardize script reading for all the other players in the unit. are the pros who can.

Our extremely competitive rates start @ US$ 25.00 – US$ 40.00 per page (1 Page of script = 1 screen-minute approx.). Talk to us to know more.

For further details of our fees for Screenplay evaluation, Logline writing, Screenwriting or Scriptwriter Consultation and more details, check out our dedicated Screenwriting Service website. ==>


Starting @ US$ 25.00/page

Cartoon Series Script Writing  |  Cartoon Series Script Writer  |

Cartoon Series Script Writing

Planning an animated cartoon series for TV/Internet that will be fun to watch and will be an instant hit with your select audience?

You have great ideas, wanna get the job done with flair, but don’t want to get bogged down with the detail?

You know, as do we at, that a great cartoon series on TV, or film – one that your target audience will be addictively hooked to, requires a great deal of thought. There is creativity and ingenuity along with painstaking Cartoon Series script writing.

A clue: All thoughts on the cartoon form starts with the script writing rather than the cartoon population in pictorial form. That is because a good cartoon script fleshes out the characters, setting, and plot of the story. To write a great script for an animated cartoon series, starts by brainstorming unique ideas that take full advantage of the unlimited possibilities of animation. How?

Our Cartoon Series Script Writer begins by creating a draft using the correct script writing format and language. Either and both of us then polish the script so it is ready to be animated and brought to life. You tell us about the basic cast of compelling characters. We tell you how to best develop them through your story, with inputs from us.

Our extremely competitive rates start @ US$ 25.00 per page (1 Page of script = 1 screen-minute approx.).

Talk to us to discuss how we can take your Cartoon Series script writing to the super-hit league.

For Cartoon Series Script Writing and more details, check out our dedicated Screenwriting Service website. ==>

Starting @ US$ 25.00/page

Comic Book Script Writing  |  Graphic Novel Script Writing  |

Comic Book Script Writing

No denying the fact that we all love Comic Books, or Graphic Novels.

Our script writers and readers, too, love those comic books, a part of everyone’s reading childhood.

We at have a plethora of resources both online and offline for Graphic Novel Script Writing. One reason is that there is far more freedom with Graphic Novels. We format the process of bringing ideas alive. We can help you with independent comics such as web-comics or with comics in print (Graphic Novels). advises a clear approach to bring out the artists’ full potential.

All that you need is that cast of compelling characters. What we bring to you is an exceptional team of Graphic Novel Writers and a brilliant plan for the story you want us to tell.

Our extremely competitive rates start @ US$ 20.00 per page (1 Page of script = 1 screen-minute approx.). Get in touch with us to take this journey forward.

Starting @ US$ 20.00/page

Ad-Script Writing | Radio advertisement script | Advertisement script | Ad Script | Radio Ad Script | TV Commercial Scripts |

Ad-Script Writing for Radio or TV Commercials

A Radio Advertisement or TV commercial ad spot is short. The objective will always be to get buyers to the shops for just that product. A powerful storyboard and Ad Script are what we can promise. Then, the commercial message must be conveyed in a short and crisp, memorable and retainable manner. The one core consideration remains the product.

What can deliver is a Ad Script written to a precise brief. The writer puts down visual clues and pointers to work with the makers of the commercial. Most importantly, we deliver on our clients’ deadline.
Satisfied? Yes, say those clients and the studios we work alongside.

Our extremely competitive rates start @ US$ 35.00 – US$ 55.00 per page (1 Page of Ad Script = 1 screen-minute approx.).

For further details of our Scriptwriter Consultation fees and more details, check out our dedicated Screenwriting Service website. ==>

Starting @ US$ 35.00/page

Hire a Scriptwriter for Television Series | Script Writing for Television Series |  Television Series Screenplay |

Script Writing for Television Series

Possibly first thought up by a producer-director, each episode has its unique storyline. That could be in realtime, rooted in history, and even situation comedies. Writers at keep in mind that dialogues must be short and action plentiful.

How? A serial will first be formatted in outline. When it is particularly popular it runs for a length of time. That is when subplots are worked out through numbered Acts. There is no hard and fast standardisation, but as someone once said about television serials, there is no one type….or two….or three. What you make and what the viewer gets is up to you, whether a sitcom or true to history.

Our extremely competitive rates start @ US$ 20.00 – US$ 40.00 per page (1 Page of script = 1 screen-minute approx.).

Come to Contact the experts.

For further details of our fees for Screenplay evaluation, Logline writing, Screenwriting or Scriptwriter Consultation and more details, check out our dedicated Screenwriting Service website. ==>

Starting @ US$ 20.00/page


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